Sekolah Ugama Radin Mas

Currently the only Full Time Tahfiz School in Singapore, (SURM) is registered with Ministry of Education, Singapore since 1956. It offers part-time studies at primary level and full-time studies at secondary and pre-university levels.
SURM core philosophy of education is memorization and appreciation of the Quran. Thus, for both part-and full-time studies at SURM emphasises on the memorisation of the full Quran.
The curriculum at the secondary and pre-university full-time are designed in such a way so that students have the opportunity to memorize the entire Quran. While part-time students are exposed to memorisation of several important surahs in the Quran.
In addition, full-time students are exposed to both Islamic and academic subjects. We provide two streams at the secondary level – Tahfiz and Tahfiz-Academic.
Tahfiz Academic are devoted to those who are able to balance both academic subjects and diniyah while memorizing the entire Quran. Tahfiz progam are open to those who just want to focus on Al-Quran recitation and diniyah subjects.
SURM students will have the option to sit for the national O-Level examinations at the end of secondary education and A-Levels at the end of pre-university studies.
Madrasah Tahfiz SURM operates in Darul Aman Mosque, near Eunos MRT station.
to produce a new generation of Huffaz – Hafiz Of The Quran
one-Hafiz-Per-Family program in 10-15 years
to produce an elite Tahfiz programme and students of huffaz.
to produce quality imams/ustaz who are also hafiz quran
to erect a regional Tahfiz Quran Learning Centre of international standards
to have our very own building to house all the above activities

Program Fee

$150 monthly


Badan Agama Dan Pelajaran Radin Mas (BAPA) or Religious & Educational League Of Radin Mas, is a non-profit social organisation formed in 1957 and was registered as a society on the 6th of Aug 1960. Our original objectives was to uplift the education and economic status of the residence of Radin Mas district by providing access to affordable education, both religious and academic.

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