About Tradisi Halaqah

Formed and initiated in 2007 by The Religious & Educational League of Radin Mas (BAPA), Tradisi Halaqah aims to be an Islamic Institute that preserves the authenticity & tradition of Islamic Education, learning from scholars that retains the heritage of learning with a valid chain (sanad) via a structured syllabus of reading great classical texts inherited from past Scholars of the Nusantara region.


To be an Islamic Traditional Institute that produces an Ummah of Righteousness.


  • To reinstate back the early learning experience of the Scholars by reading great classical texts of the past.
  • To preserve the heritage and legacy of Traditional Islamic Learning and to become the source of reference in Singapore.
  • To transmit the knowledge of Fardhu Ain (Personal Obligations) to as many individuals as possible.
  • To produce Scholars of the future that will disseminate knowledge rightfully.
  • To provide a holistic and positive learning environment for the seekers of knowledge by providing religious teachers who are committed and dedicated in providing Islamic Education, maintaining a cozy learning atmosphere, ensuring good service and strive in having an effective curriculum.

Philosophy of Education

  • The study of personal obligations (Fardhu Ain) comes before the study of communal obligations (Fardhu Kifayah).
  • Restoring back the forgotten heritage and legacies of past Malay Muslim Scholars through classical texts.

Scholars Who Have Graced Tradisi Halaqah: Pictures of Ulama’