About PMD

Our new customized education programs for these special needs people for the year 2011 and beyond will include classes for the following groups:

Hearing Impaired

  • Islamic Religious Class in Sign-language
  • Sunday, 11am-1pm, Darul Aman Mosque

Visually Handicapped

  • Al-Quran Braille
  • Saturday, 11am-1pm, Jamiyah Education Centre, MDIS Building

Each group will have 3 different age levels – children, teens and adults.


Our vision is for BAPA to be the one stop Islamic Learning Centre for Disabled Muslims in Singapore for all levels to cater the needs of the students with relevant facilities, trained teachers and intellectual appropriate curriculum.


Our disabled Muslim brothers and sisters, like us, also yearn to learn Islamic & Worldly Knowledge and this is where BAPA would like to play an important role.



  • Akhlak (Islamic Ethics & Manners)
  • Quranic Braille
  • Fiqh
  • Tauhid (Divinity)
  • Islamic History Iqra’
  • Iqra’ for the Blind Using
  • Quranic Braille
  • Islamic Terminologies in Sign Language


The personal development courses are aimed at equipping members with skills that would not only enhance their self-worth but most importantly increase their employability. 

We plan to offer the following courses:

  • Literacy Classes
  • English Classes
  • Computer Appreciation Classes
  • Souvenir and Handicraft making Classes