About IPAQ

Institute Pengajian Al-Quran (IPAQ), is a Quran Education Department which provides a comprehensive, systematic and structured certification programme in the Quran literacy from the basic foundation level starting with Asas Muqaddam right up to the advanced level in Talaqqi Musyaafahah Bis Sanaad (a certified programme in Quran Recitation).

IPAQ conducts Quran lessons in a formal Halaqah Quran (Quran Circle) setting with a classroom group sizes of 15 students. It also conducts one to one, an appointment based approached in Quran coaching that give focus to the individual literacy developmental skill and ability.


Towards an Al-Quran scholars’ generation.


  • To be among the leading One Stop Quranic Learning Centre
  • To imbibe the Quran Learning at an early young age
  • To emphasize the importance of learning and reciting Quran
  • To enable to recite the Quran precisely with good recitation skill

Brief History

IPAQ is a Quran Educational Department under the Badan Agama dan Pelajaran Radin Mas, BAPA, that was officially institutionalised in 2009, which started off with Quranic recitation and tajweed classes for Muslimah, mainly consist of housewives. It then began to expand the classes to include male adults and also children

When IPAQ has first started the basic Quran learning with the housewives intake it was on Infaq based (fees was based on donation). Later as IPAQ developed into a more systematic and structured certification program. More demand for the Quran Clinic Consultation (one to one coaching) at the intermediate and advanced level. Hence the structured fees being introduced for the Quran Clinic Consultation.

IPAQ has adapted and preserved the traditional Quran learning by using the original Al Baghdadi technique in Quran literacy pedagogy but with a twist in introducing the Rasm Othmani (a written tajweed coded in the conventional Mushaf) in the textbook used.

The common challenges of Quran literacy are in the learning of Huruf Hijaiyah or the Quran-Arabic letters to pronounce them in fushah or the standard Arabic phonics. Each individual has a different ability and development skill in learning the Quran. Hence the best approach is conducting Quran lessons in IPAQ has been the Quran Clinic Consultation.

Alhamdulillah, at present IPAQ has successfully produced 2 students who have completed the Talaqqi Musyafahah Bis Sanaad with Ustazah Munawwarah. More than 90% of the students who started with almost no basic knowledge and ability of recitation has shown a gradual progress and confident in reading the Quran with tajweed rules and proper makhraj or pronunciation.

IPAQ provides a comprehensive, systematic and structured certification programme in Quran literacy, starting from the basic foundation level right up to the advanced level.