Qurban & Aqiqah Project 2012

This year, BAPA will be working with several international Islamic relief agencies for our Qurban and Aqiqah projects. For the second year running, we will be partnering with Muslim Aid, Islamic Relief Worldwide, Ethar Relief, Imdaad Foundation and Rumah Yatim to provide relief and humanitarian aid to the orphans and most needy people worldwide, insyaAllah.

The main purpose of this project is to ensure that our qurban or sacrifices goes to our Muslim brothers and sisters who really need it.

The sacrificing of Qurban or Udhiya is a highly recommended religious act. Prophet Muhammad SAW (pbuh) ordered each family to do so at least once a year. We call on you to donate your sacrifice, religious duty, to the world's most needy families - give a Qurban4Life.


1. Through this project we hope to provide food and medical aid to over 27,000 orphans in Eritrea, Somalia, Sudan, Vietnam, Cambodia, Aceh and various other parts of Indonesia, insyaAllah.

2. Our other objectives is also to alleviate the sufferings and hardships faced by our brothers & sisters and their families in the Horn Of Africa and other parts of Asia - like the Syrian & Rohingya refugees displaced due to conflict.

According to the UN and our partners, East Africa or the Horn Of Africa is facing a major humanitarian crisis with our brothers and sisters there facing severe draught, food & water shortages. There are acute levels of hunger and malnutrition as food prices continue to escalate, with women, children and elderly increasingly vulnerable.

A shortage of food, water and medicines, made worse by persistent drought conditions in the region have forced thousands of people to flee their homes and seek refuge in refugee camps in Mogadishu, as well as on the border of Northern Kenya and Ethiopia.

The aim of this project is to provide humanitarian relief to people affected by the severe drought and malnutrition occurring in the countries of eastern Horn of Africa.

An estimated 10 million people in Djibouti, Somalia, Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Sudan are at risk of starvation.

Let us all make our QURBAN this year more worthwhile

Allah the Most Glorious says:

“A quality of the true believers is that they feed the poor for the Love & Pleasure of Allah Alone” (Quran 76:8)

somalia aid relief somalia children aid relief somalia



We see the canning of Qurban as the most viable alternative in poor, drought-stricken and war-torn places that are lacking infrastructure such as electricity.

Canned meat provides longer 'shelf life' (up to 3 years) allowing the poor and destitute to sustain their families for a longer period in times of calamity and trial. It is a premium product that is also easily mixed in with cooking.


canned qurban canned qurban sample

Why Canned Qurban Meat ? What are the benefits ?

  1. Meat is pre-cooked and ready to eat
  2. Cans have a shelf life of 3 years, hence animal protein can be supplied to beneficiaries
  3. Canning is hygienic
  4. No meat is wasted
  5. Cans are easy to transport to areas of conflict and to remote areaes without need of refrigeration, e.g. desert, mountains, flood affected areas
  6. Cans can be distributed in areas where livestock is not available.
  7. Distribution of meat can easily be managed in disaster affected areas - e.g. flood, earthquake, famine etc.

Canned Meat Process


canning process qurban canning process


The animals are purchased in bulk and slaughtered according to Shariah principal.. Sheep carcasses are then deboned. All meat including primal cuts is packed and transported to canning manufacturers for cooking and canning. Cans are then transported to countries of charity’s choice such as Palestine, Jordan, Pakistan, Lebanon, Somalia, Kenya and Iraq. Meat would then be exported as canned or frozen.

Slaughtering will be carried out on the 10th to 13th Zulhijjah at facilities chosen by our implementing partners.

See Video Of Qurban Canning Process :

See Video Of What We Did Last Year :

The facilities are those certified halal by the Australian Federation of Islamic Development (AFIC) & JAKIM (Jabatan Kemajuan Islam Malaysia).

Price = $250 per sheep (qurban or aqiqah)
Cerificates will be issued for every qurban/aqiqah order made.


According to the UN, as many as 750,000 people could die as Somalia's drought worsens in the coming months, declaring a state of famine in the area.

The UN says tens of thousands of people have died after what is said to be East Africa's worst drought for 60 years.

In total, 4 million people are in crisis in Somalia, with 750,000 people at risk of death in the coming four months in the absence of adequate response," the UN's Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU) says. Half of those who have already died are children, it says.

In view of this, BAPA in collaboration with the Somali Students Association Of Malaysia, is arranging for live qurban to be slaughtered in Somalia itself. The meat will then be immediately distributed to those in desperate need - especially the children and orphans, insya-Allah.

live qurban somalia qurban yemen qurban myanmar

camel in somalia cows in somalia

Let us all endeavour to make our qurban this year more meaningful and the meat reaches to the really needy, insya-Allah.

Animal Type

Price $ SGD

1. Sheep


2. Cow


3. Camel


Brother Mohd Mawlid
President Of Somali Students Association Of Malaysia

"On behalf of all my people of Somalia and the Somali Students Association, I would like to say a big thank you to Singapore for helping my people. May Allah shower his blessings and protect you and your family, insya-Allah. "


Together with our overseas partners, we also organise 'Local Slaughter' in Aceh and other parts of Indonesia. This way, your contributions assist in the ongoing sustainability of that community.

  1. Live stock is purchased locally
  2. Fresh meat is enjoyed on Eid day
  3. Supports local farmers
  4. The needy community also benefits from non-meat products of the qurban like skin & wool

Indonesia – Our partners in Indonesia will organize the live slaughter in Solo, Yogja, Probolinggo & Aceh. The fresh qurban meat will be sent to the various orphanages and poor villagers in these areas.


qurban indonesia qurban qurban for orphans

Price = $250 per sheep (qurban/aqiqah)

Cerificates will be issued for every qurban/aqiqah order made. For Indonesia, a brief report will also be included.


Project objective is the same as that of sheep. But for cattle the focus will only be for 2 countries – Vietnam & Cambodia.

Most of our Muslim brothers and sisters living in the outskirts are from poor families and only get to taste fresh meat once or twice a year as the cost of meat is just too expensive for them to buy. During the qurban period we will also be distributing food and rice parcels to the poorest Muslim community there as the prices of basic food necessities have also gone up.

qurban in cambodia qurban cow cambodia village

Price = $170 per part of cow/cattle (qurban or aqiqah) – Max 7 parts.

Price = $1190 per cow/cattle (qurban or aqiqah)

Cerificates will be issued for every qurban/aqiqah order made.


Fresh/Chilled Qurban (Sheep) - Slaughter in Australia, meat air flown and distributed in Singapore. (1st time in Singapore) :

Due to the new regulations set by the Australia & AVA, we foresee that the supply of sheep for live slaughter in Singapore will be limited this year. Many mosques will also not be able to carry out the qurban rites due to the stringent requirements set by AVA.

As such, BAPA together with its partners is offering for the 1st time here in Singapore this Fresh/Chilled qurban option to the Muslim community here.

With this option, the Muslim community here will still be able to do their qurban and still get their qurban meat – for their own consumption or distribution.

chilled qurban goat farm australia qurban sheep

Timeline For Chilled Qurban Project :

1. 27 Oct 2012 – 1st day Of Tasyriq (Saturday)

The qurban sheep will be selected from approved farms in Perth Australia. These are grade A sheep each weighing an estimated 35kg-45kg. They will then be slaughtered at approved abattoirs and their meat packed into boxes to be air flown to Singapore in the evening.

chilled qurban meat from perth chilled meat process chilled meat packing

2. 28 Oct 2012 – 2nd Day Of Tasyriq (Sunday)

Qurban meat will arrive in Singapore on Sunday morning and will be immediately delivered to the distribution point to be collected by the donors.

For orders through BAPA, the distribution point will be at Madrasah Aljunied. For orders from mosques or other organizations, they will have a choice whether to distribute at their own premises or at our own designated distribution centre.

3. Distribution :

Distribution of the chilled qurban meat will be carried out at Madrasah Aljunied.

Time from 9am to 6pm. We will be engaging external parties and volunteers to aid us in the distribution and butchering services, if required by the donors. Donors will have the option to get their qurban meat in full, 1/3 or 2/3.

BAPA will undertake to distribute the balance, if any, to the poor and needy here in Singapore, insya-Allah.

Price = $350 per sheep (qurban/aqiqah) – Price includes shipping and butchering

Cerificates will be issued for every qurban/aqiqah order made.


1. For all qurban and aqiqah packages, registration is compulsory

2. Closing date for registration and payments is Sunday 21st October 2012.

3. Download registration forms, fill it up and email or fax back to us together with
your payment details.

4. Online Qurban/Aqiqah Registration Forms :
Download = > Here (word doc)
Download = > Here (PDF doc)

5. Email to info@bapa.org.sg or fax to : +65 63454232

6. Or mail to :
Qurban/Aqiqah Project
Badan Agama & Pelajaran Radin Mas
81 Joo Chiat Road, #03-01
Singapore 427725

7. Payment Mode :

1.Transfer donations to our POSB current account : 793-24381-2

Cheque payments made to ‘Religious And Educational League Of Radin Mas’ or ‘Badan Agama Dan Pelajaran Radin Mas’ and send them to our address at :81 Joo Chiat Road #03-01 S’pore 427725

3.You can also come and make your donations at our premises during office hours, Mondays to Fridays (9 to 6pm) Sat & Sun (9 to 2pm)

4.SMS us for Home Collection of your donations or at your office :
Hotline No : +65 85897509


5. Or you can make your donations online via Enets or Credit/Debit Card :
=> Online Donations


6. For Bank Transfers from overseas, see our banking details below :

Bank : Maybank

Account Name : Religious & Educational League Of Radin Mas

Branch : Marine Parade

Branch Code : 015

Swift Code : MBBESGSG

Account No : 0415-45-000-15

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  1. Humanitarian Aid Projects
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See Videos Of Somalia Appeal = > HERE

For more details about our Qurban & Humanitarian Aid Project to Africa & Asia, please contact :

Mr. Basheer Ahmad
Head, Special Projects & Fund Raising - BAPA
Email : basheer@bapa.org.sg
Tel : +65 62787750 (off)
Mobile : +65 96900259
Fax : +65 63454232

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