Badan Agama Dan Pelajaran Radin Mas (BAPA) or Religious & Educational League Of Radin Mas
, is a non-profit social organisation formed in 1957 and was registered as a society on the 6th of Aug 1960. Our original objectives was to uplift the education and economic status of the residence of Radin Mas district by providing access to affordable education, both religious and academic.

Today, BAPA has undertaken bigger roles. It is reaching out to more people at the national level and is creating a niche in serving the Disabled Community both Muslims and Non-Muslims as well as its Islamic Religious programmes both formal and informal.

Our Main Education Programs :

  • Madrasah Tahfiz - Full-Time Tahfiz Programs ( SURM ) 
  • Ihsan - Programs For Muslims With Disabilities ( PMD ) 
  • Tradisi Halaqah - Traditional Islamic Learning Classes For Adults
S.U.R.M - Sekolah Ugama Radin Mas

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A Full Time Tahfiz School in Singapore, (SURM) is a registered with Ministry of Education, Singapore since 1956. It offers part-time studies at primary level and full-time studies at secondary and pre-university levels.

SURM core philosophy of education is memorization and appreciation of the Quran. Thus, for both part-and full-time studies at SURM emphasises on the memorisation of the full Quran.

The curriculum at the secondary and pre-university full-time are designed in such a way so that students have the opportunity to memorize the entire Quran. While part-time students are exposed to memorisation of several important surahs in the Quran.

In addition, full-time students are exposed to both Islamic and academic subjects. We provide two streams at the secondary level – Tahfiz and Tahfiz-Academic.

Tahfiz Academic are devoted to those who are able to balance both academic subjects and diniyah while memorizing the entire Quran. Tahfiz progam are open to those who just want to focus on Al-Quran recitation and diniyah subjects.

Madrasah Tahfiz SURM operates in Darul Aman Mosque, near Eunos MRT station.

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Ihsan - Programmes For Muslims With Disabilities (PMD)

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Ihsan - Programmes For Muslims With Disabilities :
Our new customized education programmes for these special needs people for the year 2011 and beyond will include classes for the following groups:

  • Hearing Impaired 
  • Visually Handicapped 
  • Intellectually Disabled 
  • Physically Disabled 
  • Multiple Disability 
  • Autism 
  • Dyslexia 
  • Spastic 

Each group will have 3 differant age levels - children, teens and adults.

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Tradisi Halaqah


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Tradisi Halaqah is a religious educational programme that emphasizes the impact and the outcome of acquiring ilmu (knowledge) through the proper adab and condusive environment supported by efficient customer service. We believe that the ultimate objective of education is akhlaq and taqwa.

The unique features about Tradisi Halaqah is that we are not limited by a time period, meaning that for every kitab or book that we use, students are ensured of covering every detail content of the book.


We use well known kitab by well known authors and in some subjects the asatizahs posseses the ijazah sanad.


Tradisi Halaqah aspires to serve as an enriching educational and spiritual experience. Subjects covered includes : Tauhid, Quranic Studies, Akhlaq, Fiqh, Tasawuf, Hadith etc

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Ipaq Programs

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Fund Raising / Events / Projects

Support Our Orphan Aid Project to provide aid and relief for up to 20,000 orphans (Yatims) in Aceh, Indonesia, Timur Leste and countries in the Horn Of Africa.


Lets Help Over 3 Million Visually Handicapped Persons Read The Quran By Sponsoring A Braille Quran.

BAPA have partnered with Muslim Aid Australia & Islamic Releif to provide emergency relief to thousands of affected people who are in desperate need on your help. Your help is urgently needed! Donate today and let's make a live-saving difference, together


Celebrate the birth of your newborn and share the joy with your needy brothers and sisters and orphans in Indonesia through BAPA's year round Aqiqah Services.











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